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Use behavioral analytics to develop merchandising, price points and hot spot locations to generate interest and engagement.

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Retail shopper behavior analytics and insights

While sales and traffic data are the strongest measure of store performance, they do not always tell the full story. By taking a closer look at how customers behave in store, including the zones they visit, the products they view and how long they spend there, you can discover new conversion opportunities that drive profitability. We provide all the tools you need to capture traffic and identify the best and worst-performing areas of the store – which means you can plan and measure the effectiveness of promotions, merchandising and products with confidence.

Get to know your customers

Our retail shopper behavior insights are the first step in driving additional sales and revenue. Whatever your goal, we’ll help you measure the impact of marketing campaigns and make better operational decisions.

Optimize your store

When you know where the weaknesses in your store lie, you can start to make improvements. By monitoring customer behavior, you can optimize location zones with lead categories, destination and impulse lines, and increase basket size by monitoring cross-purchased items. Our insights also enable you to monitor POS and identify poorly-performing products or lines.

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With access to live and historical data, they can make strong operational decisions, scheduling staff according to customer volumes and spending more time on the ground and less in the back office. Also useful in large public spaces, such as entertainment venues, the app helps events or leisure operators see instantly whether it is reaching maximum occupancy.

Systems that reveal the real story

It is easy to make assumptions about shopper behavior – but without firm evidence, including changes that happen over time, you risk pouring your resources in the wrong place. Data-driven insights help you uncover where the engagement and sales opportunities lie, so you can make better decisions and improve store performance.

The tools to power your business

With experience in the retail, leisure and entertainment sectors, we deliver the tools and expertise you need to make better operational and strategic decisions.

Analysis and technology

Combines cutting-edge technology with expert data analysis

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Combines cutting-edge technology with expert data analysis

50+ global locations

A global business that understands local markets

Retail sector specialist

More than 30 years’ experience working in retail environments

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How we help clients

We are proud to work with some of the world’s best-known brands today. Our innovative customer behavior analysis and journey mapping solutions empower stores, head office teams and location performance to make operational and strategic decisions using the latest behavior technology and expert insight.

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  • What can be actioned from behavior insights?

    With actionable insights, you can:
    – Improve sales performance by exposing causes of missed sales opportunities
    – Increase conversion through improved merchandise positioning
    – Understand customer demographics to target marketing campaigns and POS displays
    – Benchmark brand performance against competitors’
    – Enhance customer service by monitoring in-store interactions
    – Transform the shopping experience and understand the entire journey, not just the final buying decision
    – Reduce congestion and bottlenecks with navigational and heat map analysis

  • What does consumer behavioral analysis provide?

    Consumer behavioral analysis provides you with the tools to understand the areas within your store that need improving. Develop product offerings, price points and hot spot locations that generate interest and involvement.

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