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Improve in-store engagement with the Shopper Engage Light

Shopper Engage Lite gives you quantitative feedback on in-store performance and customer engagement, with no installation of electronic equipment required. In-store observers discreetly track shoppers’ movements and actions using digital pens and maps. Our analysts then take this information and deliver the insights and reports you need to support better decision-making.

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Unlock the power of people counting

An expert-led approach to store analytics and shopper research based on human observations.

Like Shopper Engage, our Lite solution helps you answer key questions about who your customers are and what actions they take in store, so you can gain an accurate overview of performance. It allows you to quickly see whether a store layout is effective and how well people are responding to communications and merchandising.

While Shopper Engage depends on camera installation, Lite does not. A team of human observers are deployed in your store, working discreetly to capture customer actions and movements. Non-intrusive, yet highly-accurate, you can be confident everything we record is a true reflection of their responses. Once the data is collected, our analysts will translate it into clear reports that help steer your decision-making.

This flexible solution is perfect for retailers who want a quick snapshot of how particular stores are performing or who have not yet tried people counting but want to test its effectiveness in a real environment.

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We have been at the forefront of the retail monitoring technology sector for more than 30 years. Major retailers, transport and leisure operators trust our solutions to deliver the quality data they need to deliver successful strategies.


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  • What insights can be gained?

    Tracking the navigational areas that shoppers take around retail spaces, whether stores or malls, provides great feedback on the success of a layout.
    Good retailing is generally about exposing as much of a store’s merchandise, to as many shoppers over as long a period as possible. A layout design needs to facilitate:
    – Flow
    – Encourages movement from one zone to another
    – Exploration and progression
    For shoppers who are on a mission, being able to see and find straightaway what they have come in to buy, is just as critical. Knowing the types of in-store journeys, that shoppers make is key to meeting their expectations and delivering a shopping experience that will ensure that they return.
    The same holds true for shopping malls or any other retail space. Establishing the common areas that shoppers follow, the location of the “honey pot” destinations, the clock map of movement also helps optimize the location of amenities, the service schedule of facilities and the tenant mix.

  • What are the benefits of using this system?

    – Optimize product offering and layout in line with shopper categories and behavioral traits
    – Tailor store designs to compliment male/female and different age brackets shopping habits
    – Influence buyer behavior with micro fixture level design analysis
    – Reduce product abandonment and monitor the effect of line waiting and queuing times on quality of experience
    – Increase sales with prominent high margin product positioning in specific zones

  • What can retailers find out?

    – What additional traffic is a new display bringing in?
    – Is anyone looking at your new expensive digital advert?
    – How cost effective is the new fixture?
    – How long are customers playing with a new product during its launch?
    – Is a new layout converting customers?
    – Which signage is working?
    – Which products are the least and most engaging to look at?
    – Which areas of the display are capturing the consumers’ interest the most?
    – Should we roll out these new concepts to other stores?
    – What info shoppers read, picked up and touched.

  • How do you understand the route to shopper engagement?

    Shoppers, as we know, exhibit certain behaviors as they walk through the store. They may call in to quickly pick up a few items or spend longer browsing before making a decision. Successful brands understand consumers, so they present stores in a way that triggers positive action. Delivering better in-store experiences, by helping customers find exactly what they need, is essential for any retailer who wants to improve their bottom line.

    It’s all about developing the right strategy to motivate shoppers at different touchpoints to maximize customer dwell time and drive up sales.

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