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Understand your customer environment through our Shopper Engage platform

We deploy discreet video tracking to give you an accurate view of how people interact with the store environment. By crunching your data, and providing actionable insights, you are able to allocate budgets and resources in a way that makes the most of current and future sales opportunities.

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Insights you can trust

See why retailers across the world trust our solutions for actionable insights that improve customer engagement. Every retailer wants to understand the demographics and behavior of their customers – including the zones they head to first and how long they spend there. They also want to see whether people engage with POS displays, pay attention to signage and navigate the store easily.

You may have specific questions, such as how successful perimeter merchandising is compared to freestanding fixtures, whether staff training is being implemented correctly and which departments are generating the most (and least) conversions.

Shopper Engage helps you answer all these questions and more. Our discreet sensors monitor and record shoppers’ actions as they move around the store, without impacting on their experience. The footage we collected is then fed into our database and aligned with your objectives, enabling you to assess store performance.

A team of experienced behavioral psychologists will help you make sense of the numbers, translating them into clear and concise reports so you have a firm foundation for decision-making and future planning.

Use Shopper Engage to track the customer journey and monitor the effectiveness of store layouts, merchandising, customer service, staff interactions and in-store communications. As well as helping to reduce the risks associated with new initiatives, this powerful tool helps you identify missed opportunities.

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We have been at the forefront of the retail monitoring technology sector for more than 30 years. Major retailers, transport and leisure operators trust our solutions to deliver the quality data they need to deliver successful strategies.


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  • What insights can be gained?

    Capturing and analyzing libraries of complete shopper journeys provides answers to many questions, explaining differences in sales performances that cannot be resolved without referring to the behavior of shoppers. So often, the reasons become obvious once shopping patterns are built and analyzed. It is remarkable just how much motivational insight are gleaned from interpreting in-store observation of facial expressions, body language, speed of movement and the amount of product engagement. Why parts of the store are hardly shopped, why products on some fixtures sell more readily than others, why folded garments are shopped differently to hanging ones, why conversion rates differ between men and women; these questions and more can be answered from research that captures behavioral trends.

  • What is customer engagement?

    Retailers and marketing specialists have long used customer engagement models to attract new and repeat buyers, while building trust and fostering long-term relationships. We know that consumers go through several stages before they become loyal ambassadors, starting with awareness of a product or service, to experiencing it for themselves and weighing up the benefits. Every stage in the journey presents new opportunities to: Increase customer conversion with discreet upselling tools. Grow basket size by grouping products in popular zones Optimize merchandise availability and include e-commerce as an in-store selling tool. Engage customers by creating better experiential destinations. Strategically place promotional items in line with the customer journey. Measure and build levels of engagement through shopper touch points

  • What are the benefits of using this system?

    – Improve layout efficiency with hot and cold spot analysis in retail spaces
    – Expand store penetration and measure how much of the shop floor customers walk and shop
    – Reduce product abandonment and remove navigational bottlenecks that are barriers to movement
    – Strengthen repeat visitor numbers and meet shopping experience levels with clear and engaging layouts
    – Increase sales opportunities and the ease with which customers find what they are looking for
    – Optimize product positioning with location based destination analysis

  • What can retailers find out?

    Which zones are attracting the most interest?
    Do levels of interest relate to sales?
    Which are the most popular zones during events?
    Does increasing the number of staff in zones increase dwell time
    Does a different zone layout make customers stay longer?

  • What can store managers do with the analysis?

    Improve signage
    Change the product mix or display features
    Measure the impact of moving a display to a better location
    Understand the impact of consumer interest at different times or on different days
    Make considered estate refit decisions

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