Customer Insights & Analysis

When you know what shoppers do in store, you can tailor operations and create engaging experiences that promote transactions and brand loyalty.

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Gain valuable customer insight to improve your store performance

Online retailers depend on data and insights to understand new and existing customers, and target them with products and offers. Measuring the effectiveness of their campaigns through web visits, click-throughs and transactions.

But bricks-and-mortar retailers can also make the most of data to build customer profiles and increase conversions. Knowing someone’s route to purchase, and building analytics before they walk through the door, means you can target valuable segments with appropriate products, price points and POS displays that generate engagement.

Our powerful analytics will shape your store strategy, enabling you to understand the entire journey, not just the final purchase. We highlight missed opportunities to convert browsers into buyers, help you reduce congestion and improve customer experiences by monitoring in-store interactions.

Retail WiFi Analytics >

Use retail WiFi analytics to unlock potential opportunities by understanding how people behave online and in store.

Zonal >

Track how long shoppers spend in different zones and measure conversion rates to identify under-performing areas of the store.

Customer Dwell Time >

Measure dwell time alongside traffic to see where a customer is located and for how long. Knowing how people navigate the store means you can make informed decisions on merchandising, promotions, staff deployment and layout.

Retail Customer Journey Mapping & Analysis >

Track the path to purchase using our evidence-driven heat maps and journey flow analysis. Key to operational effectiveness, you can check products and POS displays are in the correct place, identify choke points and replenish stock at the right time.

Shopper Interact POS >

Monitor how well customers engage with product displays, based on dwell time and traffic in different areas of the store. After being verified and validated by our team of experts, the data is transferred to store managers who can make improvements to under-performing displays.

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We have been at the forefront of the retail monitoring technology sector for more than 30 years. Major retailers, transport and leisure operators trust our solutions to deliver the quality data they need to deliver successful strategies.

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