Retail Customer Segmentation & Shopper Demographics

Customer Segmentation & Shopper Demographics

We provide the ultimate customer segmentation tool for retailers who want to understand behavior and sentiment. Our cutting-edge facial profiling technology, powered by Quividi software, provides shopper demographic intelligence and analytics, while fully respecting their privacy.

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Deep insights into your customer profile

From measuring the effectiveness of in-store promotions, to finding out why people walk out the door empty-handed, facial profiling provides insights that might otherwise be captured by labor-intensive focus groups and customer surveys.

Work with a global leader in customer insights

We have been at the forefront of the retail monitoring technology sector for more than 30 years. Major retailers, transport and leisure operators trust our solutions to deliver the quality data they need to deliver successful strategies.


Improve marketing ROI

Target timely marketing messages to different shopper profiles to increase ROI

Staff Scheduling

Effectively plan workforce productivity and identify shoppers that call on shop assistants for service

Increase conversion & interest

With clearly defined demographic profiles to tailor retail services and refine product offerings

Know your demographics

Understand age and gender to target experience to demographic preferences


  • Do you do facial recognition?

    No. We do facial profiling (which is our Shopper Profile solution). For clarity Retail Performance does not utilize facial recognition which would have GDPR consequences. Our facial profiling solution measures the face dimensions and compares to a data base of known demographic dimensions.

  • How can facial profiling assist retailers?

    With the facial profiling solution you can establish your customer profile to personalize communications and increase sales. The impact of marketing campaigns will be tailored to your audience and personalised timely messages to passing traffic can be targeted.

  • How does the facial profiling technology work?

    Powered by pioneering facial technology software, the system uses video sensors to take the co-ordinates of the shopper’s eyes, nose and mouth and working against a database of co-ordinates, can determine the gender and age of the shopper.
    Our face detection sensors can log facial patterns of shoppers who are looking at any specified item such as visual messaging, a window or digital screen and then log that data to create customer demographic profiles.

  • What customer insights on shopper gender can you advise?

    The gender of the shopper viewing the area, the different dwell times of male and female shoppers, how long men are looking at a specific display compared to women, how to make your visual displays work harder to match gender types, the impact a change in merchandising or visual messaging has on dwell times.

  • What customer insight on the shopper’s age can you analyse?

    The age range of shoppers who viewed the display, which age groups spent the most time looking at the specific area, how to make those displays work harder by matching content to the customer age group, the impact a change in merchandising or visual messaging has on dwell times.

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