Retail Customer Journey Mapping & Analysis

Understand your customer journey to improve experiences and sales

Map your retail customer journey to maximize the impact of marketing campaigns

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Stay one step ahead

Mapping out the customer journey is essential for any brand that wants to improve engagement and sales, at a store or venue level, or as part of a wider marketing strategy.

With the right data, you can create a consumer journey map of how people move around a space and what motivates them to make a purchase or walk away. With just a short amount of time to catch their attention as they walk by, encourage them to walk through the door and successfully engage them with product displays, you’ll always need to stay one step ahead.

Our research provides insightful data, including heat maps and journey flow, to help you track the physical journey of your customers. This data helps you answer key questions about whether people can access all areas of the store and the most popular routes, so you can maximize returns on POS. We’ll also work with you to identify pinch points between departments, aisles and displays and uncover the optimum times to replenish stock and deploy staff in the right areas.

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  • How does Customer Journey Mapping help improve the customer experience?

    – Producing accurate heat maps of the customer journey
    – Identifying pinch points between departments, aisles and displays
    – Understanding the most popular route around your store to maximize returns on POS
    – Making decisions to improve the customer journey and increase dwell time

  • What opportunities can be gained from detailed customer journey maps?

    – Improve brand positioning
    – Create engaging store design
    – Develop in-point merchandising
    – Deliver exceptional customer service
    – Create targeted and timely marketing campaigns

  • What actionable insights can customer journey mapping provide?

    – Improve sales performance by exposing causes of missed sales opportunities
    – Increase conversion through improved merchandise positioning
    – Understand customer demographics to target marketing campaigns and POS displays
    – Benchmark brand performance against competitors’
    – Enhance customer service by monitoring in-store interactions
    – Transform the shopping experience and understand the entire journey, not just the final buying decision
    – Reduce congestion and bottlenecks with navigational and heat map analysis

  • What are the insights from customer behavior analysis?

    – Capture how people shop new format stores
    – Understand global demographics and understand the difference in their shopping behavior
    – Establish how shoppers navigate stores and how much of the merchandise they walk past
    – Identify hot spots and barriers to movement
    – Determine how people really shop rather than how they say or think they shop
    – Measure the difference between what people shop and what they buy
    – Work out how long customers spend in a store or certain zones/aisle
    – Know what percentage are returning customers and how often they return
    – Learn the ratio of passing traffic compared to the amount of people entering a store
    – Which shoppers enter the store, then leave instantly
    – Where customers spend most of their time in store and which are the hot and cold spots

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