Shopper Interact Point of Sale

Analyse your point of sale displays to improve store performance

We’ll help you find out what customers are looking for and show how the right product in the right place is key to increasing conversions, revenue and profitability.

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Identify engagement opportunities

Shopper Interact POS gives you an insight into what attracts shoppers’ attention in stores. As with kiosks, this technology tracks customers as they walk past a display, which means you’ll soon see whether they engage with it and for how long. Used in conjunction with our traffic counting tools, we’ll help you work out the ratio of interactions with a POS display compared to overall store visits.

Analysis is based on the number of people who pass compared to the number who stop and the dwell time. This information is verified by our data analysts, who feed back to you with clear and easy-to-action insights. We’ll help you uncover areas of the store that drive the most traffic, where people spend longest and the steps you can take to improve performance.

Knowing how people interact with POS displays is key to monitoring their impact, including whether they are driving sales of a particular product or range. The data you gain benchmarks performance across a store estate and informs future marketing initiatives.

Work with a global leader in customer insights

We have been at the forefront of the retail monitoring technology sector for more than 30 years. Major retailers, transport and leisure operators trust our solutions to deliver the quality data they need to deliver successful strategies.


More than 95% accuracy guaranteed


24/7/365 dedicated data validation team


Access to live and historical data, so managers can make operational decisions on-the-go


Maximize conversions to increase profitability


  • What is Shopper Interact POS?

    Shopper Interact POS gives you an insight into what attracts shoppers’ attention in stores and to be able to identify engagement opportunities.

  • What can Shopper Interact POS do for retail stores?

    By tracking a customer’s interaction with specific displays and fixtures, we can test the impact of concepts, layouts and products, before you make the costly investment of rolling it out to other stores.

  • What does Shopper Interact provide?

    Shopper Interact POS is about tagging an individual and understanding what that individual does within a zone at fixture level. It measures the number of individuals and actual dwell time at a point of interest inside the store. You can track individual customers within the zone using unlimited linked cameras (to cover the specific area) so customer flow can be tracked.

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