Zonal Shopping Data & Analytics

Track shopper time in different zones and detect under-performing areas

Our powerful technology allows you to drill down the data and see how one area of a store compares to another.

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Market-leading systems for large retail stores and public spaces

One of the challenges of managing a busy shopping mall, airport, department store, or any other large retail outlet, is identifying both hotspots and areas for improvement. Overall traffic counting data might be strong – but are people concentrated in one zone, or are they moving through different ones? Are some more popular at certain times of year and what can you do to capitalize on seasonal increases?

We will install cameras at the entrance of each zone you want to monitor to capture traffic data and dwell time.

By comparing this with traffic and dwell time data for the store, you’ll quickly see whether customers are attracted to one department more than another, and deploy staff to these areas during peak times. The technology can also be used to find out how successful a brand concession is in department stores, airports and malls.

Discreet and unobtrusive, the cameras are installed on the ceiling and cover large zones. Our analysts take this data and present it in a way that allows you to make impactful decisions about store layout, product displays and signage.

The tools to power your business

With experience in the retail, leisure and entertainment sectors, we deliver the tools and expertise you need to make better operational and strategic decisions.

Finance analysis

Know which zones are most profitable (visits per zone vs sales per zone)

Increase dwell times & sales

Implement proven strategies that increase engagement and ROI

Maximize workforce productivity

Understand which zones attract more interest to organize staff in busier zones


24/7/365 dedicated data validation team to ensure accurate & reliable data.


  • How does your Zonal technology work?

    Zonal is a count of the individual visits to a pre-defined zone within a store. A sensor is mounted on the ceiling that monitors customer movements.

  • How will your Zonal solution help our store?

    By comparing the visits to zones, the popular areas and heat maps within a store can be calculated. The zonal counts can be compared to the counts at the main door to give a percentage of zone visits.

  • Can your zonal solutions be used in other sectors such as malls and exhibitions?

    Yes, this technology can also be used in malls, exhibitions, airports, offices, hotels, bars, museums, department stores and also for concessions.

  • What size does the zone have to be?

    A zone is defined as an enclosed area, therefore it can be any size, from an individual display to an isle within a store or a walkway in a shopping mall.

  • What do the analytics for zonal provide?

    Zonal results are able to tell you what is happening in your store / location and is a tool to enable you to measure actual customer responses to changes made in store.

    You will be able to analyse:
    • Which Zones are attracting the most interest?
    • How do levels of interest in particular Zones compare to sales?
    • How does interest vary by day of the week / time of day?
    • What is the interest in a zone when new product range or feature is launched in the zone?
    • What impact does a change in location of a feature within a store have on interest levels?
    • Where and when should staff be deployed within the store?
    • Which are the most popular Zones during events?
    • Does a different layout of Zone attract more interest?

  • How does zonal help staff?

    • Ops/Store managers – where should store staff be deployed?
    • Merchandising managers – is the new range popular?
    • Concession managers –Is there a concession which is under performing?
    • Finance managers – Is the shop floor working hard enough?

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