Mystery Shopping

Measuring the delivery of Brand Promises across every market, customer touchpoint and channel

Objective, unbiased feedback from trained “customers” to measure how organizations deliver on Customer Experience and Brand Promises across markets, touchpoints and channels.


Better Design, Better Execution, Better Impact

At Ipsos, we understand that operational consistency is mission critical – and that mystery shopping is the premier tool to measure adherence to your company standards. We help your organization achieve profitable growth by ensuring your customer experience delivers on your brand promises.

Mystery Shopping is objective, unbiased feedback from trained “customers” to measure how organizations deliver on Brand Promises across markets, touchpoints and channels – physical, phone and digital.

As the largest Mystery Shopping provider in the world, we offer mystery shopping solutions that are robust, reputable, and reliable. We execute programs across the globe for numerous industries, including Automotive, Beauty, Financial Services, Food Service, Petroleum & Convenience Store, Retail, Technology, Travel & Leisure, and more. Leveraging our global reach and industry expertise, we promise mystery shopping solutions that deliver better design, better execution, and better impact around the world.

Comprehensive Solutions for your Business

We deploy trained mystery shoppers to assess physical locations, websites, apps, and contact centers using a pre-defined questionnaire. Our teams analyze the data gathered; integrate them with other research insights; bring the information to life through dashboard reporting, video montages, and storytelling; and make business impact recommendations.

Depending on objectives, we will recommend the most appropriate Mystery Shopping approach:

Shopper Experience

Our “classic” Mystery Shopping service where highly trained shoppers identify gaps between intended and actual experiences, across all customer touchpoints

Micro Shops

Brief, tactical mystery shops deployed and reported quickly, leveraging crowdsourcing as an option for mass volume. This solution is typically used to assess product launches, sales promotions, training effectiveness, point-of-purchase displays, merchandising, and more

Audit Evaluations

Overt assessments where our auditors advise on required improvements or deliver results on location

Sophisticated technology platforms

Enabling mobile data collection, real-time feedback, best-in-class reporting, and video feedback

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