E-commerce Experience Report

Are your contactless shopping experiences – BOPIS, Curbside, and Delivery – meeting expectations?

Ipsos’ E-commerce Experience Report is a syndicated mystery shopping study on pickup and delivery offerings across the Grocery industry.


E-commerce Experience Report: Ranking Pickup and Delivery Offerings in the Grocery Industry

As the COVID-19 crisis progresses in the US, consumers increasingly favor contactless grocery shopping experiences, including buy-online-pickup in-store (BOPIS), curbside, and 1st party delivery services. With this drastic and immediate increase in demand (and in competition), it is a critical time to ensure your pickup and delivery offerings are consistently delivering on consumer expectations.

Ipsos’ E-commerce Experience Report measures and ranks the end-to-end BOPIS, Curbside, and Delivery experience at major grocery brands around the U.S.

What is the E-commerce Experience Report?

The E-commerce Experience report leverages driver’s analysis & data from 150 mystery shops per major grocery brand to help you:


Find out what really matters to customers to define your point of differentiation


Measure your brand’s performance on the KPIs that matter


Benchmark against key competitors in the grocery industry, with rankings and performance data across all key measurement areas


Leverage site-level mystery shopping data and best practices from the grocery industry to take action and improve user experience

How is the E-commerce Experience Report conducted?

  1. Consumer Survey and Driver’s Analysis: Leveraging results from our Consumer Survey of 2,000 Americans, we will conduct a Driver Analysis to determine which pickup / delivery attributes are table stakes, which are key differentiators, and which are unimportant.
  2. Mystery Shopping: Upon conducting 150 mystery shops (split between BOPIS, curbside, and 1st party delivery) per grocery brand across the U.S., we will measure how well each grocer is performing on the KPIs that matter.
  3. Ranking & Reporting: The E-commerce Experience Report will rank grocery brands across all key measurement areas and report on KPIs such as user-experience, likelihood to recommend service, and ease of use, as well as provide insights into the key differentiators of best-in-class pickup and delivery programs.

All brand rankings will be disclosed; only site-level brand data will be omitted.

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  • What will be measured?

    How are users experiencing the online and / or mobile ordering platforms?

    Are orders accurate and product quality standards being maintained?

    How are higher order volumes impacting pickup / delivery wait times?

    Were all pickup, curbside & delivery instructions followed by associates or drivers?

    Were all items ordered online available and included in the order? If not, what was done?

    + more, based on results from our Consumer Survey and Driver’s analysis

  • Which brands will be ranked in the E-commerce Experience Report?

    20+ major grocery brands – and some non-grocery pickup and delivery innovators – will be ranked in this report. Contact us to learn if your brand is included.

  • When will the E-commerce Experience Report be available?

    The E-commerce Experience Report will be available by October 9. Contact us to learn more.

  • How do I access the E-commerce Experience Report?

    The full E-commerce Experience Report will be available for purchase. Contact us at us_channelperformance@ipsos.com to learn more.