E-commerce Experience Report

Are your contactless shopping experiences meeting expectations this season?

Wave 2 of Ipsos’ E-commerce Experience Report is a syndicated mystery shopping study on curbside pickup offerings across the retail industry during the holiday season.


E-commerce Experience Report: Tracking The Holiday Curbside Shopping Experience

Wave 2 of Ipsos’ E-Commerce Experience Report focuses on the curbside pickup experience during this critical shopping season. See results from Wave 1 of our Report here.

What is the E-commerce Experience Report?

The E-commerce Experience report leverages driver’s analysis & data from 100 mystery shops per retail brand to help you:


Find out what really matters to customers to define your point of differentiation


Measure your brand’s performance on the KPIs that matter


Benchmark against key competitors in the grocery industry, with rankings and performance data across all key measurement areas


Leverage site-level mystery shopping data and best practices from the grocery industry to take action and improve user experience

How is the E-commerce Experience Report conducted?

  1. Driver’s Analysis: Our Drivers Analysis determined which curbside attributes are table stakes, which are key differentiators, and which are unimportant.
  2. Mystery Shopping: Using data from 100 mystery shops per brand, we measured how well major brands across the US are performing on the KPIs that matter, such as user-experience, likelihood to recommend service, and ease of use.
  3. Ranking & Reporting: Leveraging the Drivers Analysis and Mystery Shopping data, the Holiday Curbside Report rank brands across all key measurement areas and reports on critical KPIs.

All brand rankings are disclosed; only site-level brand data is omitted.

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  • What will be measured?

    How are users experiencing the online and / or mobile ordering platforms?

    Are orders accurate and product quality standards being maintained?

    How are higher order volumes impacting pickup / wait times?

    Were all curbside instructions followed by associates?

    Were all items ordered online available and included in the order? If not, what was done?

    + more, based on results from our Drivers Analysis

  • Which brands will be ranked in the E-commerce Experience Report?

    Bed Bath & Beyond
    Best Buy
    Bass Pro Shop / Cabela’s
    Dick’s Sporting Goods

  • When will the E-commerce Experience Report be available?

    Wave 2 of the E-commerce Experience Report will be available by December 11. Contact us to learn more.

  • How do I access the E-commerce Experience Report?

    The full E-commerce Experience Report will be available for purchase. Contact us at us_channelperformance@ipsos.com to learn more.