Workplace Health & Safety Compliance Audit

Ensuring business continuity by protecting the health & safety of your employees

As brands work to reopen workplaces after COVID-19 related closures, businesses must ensure health and safety policies in the workplace are properly and consistently executed.


Keeping Your Offices Safe and Open

To remain open and profitable in today’s environment, companies must prioritize the health and safety of their employees in the workplace. Failure to deliver a workplace experience that puts employees at ease and complies with local and state regulations will be costly and result in eroded employee trust, office closures, and long-term damage to your brand’s reputation.

The challenge for many business operators and property management companies is how to ensure their newly implemented workplace health and safety policies are properly and consistently operationalized across all office locations.

How Ipsos can help: Ipsos’ Workplace Health & Safety Compliance Audits help business operators and property management companies monitor and measure office-level compliance with new health and safety policies, keeping your offices safe, open, and productive.


What are Workplace Health & Safety Compliance Audits?

Workplace Health & Safety Compliance Audits are proactive, pre-scheduled, announced audits that take place at your organization’s workplaces around the world. An Ipsos certified and background-checked auditor will inspect office-level compliance with your health and safety policies.

  • Audit scorecard is developed using Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s guidelines for a safe workplace
  • Audits scheduled in advance
  • Auditors perform announced and guided inspections at office locations
  • Audit results are reported in a dashboard, and can be shared with government authorities, tenants, and property managers

Work Safe. Work Well.

Feel secure knowing that your company will gain:

A Culture of best practices and a feeling of wellbeing among employees across your network

Compliance with state and local regulations to avoid costly fines or workplace closures

Confidence that workplace health and safety policies are in place and properly executed, so you can stay open

Continuity: keeping your business open and your employees safe and productive is critical

What will be measured?

Workplace Health & Safety Compliance Audits are customized based on your organization’s geographic footprint and specific protocols.

• Distancing – safe distancing at desks, conference rooms and common areas
• Signage/Messaging – health and safety signage at entrance, exit and throughout workplace
• Sanitizer – availability of personal sanitization amenities throughout the workplace, especially in restrooms and common areas
• Personal Protective Equipment– availability of masks and gloves for employees
• Barriers – physical separator methods in high traffic areas, such as reception and workspaces
• Cleanliness – enhanced cleanliness in high-traffic areas – such as stairwells and elevators, conference rooms and storage areas – and common equipment, such as printers, microwaves and office supplies.
• Hands Free – availability of contactless amenities in restrooms and entry points

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  • Can my company customize the program based on our health and safety policies?

    Yes, the program can be tailored to meet specific health and safety policies. While we have designed an evaluation to cover most workplace scenarios, we can customize the evaluation to best suit your business needs. ​

  • How will my company’s results be shared with me?

    Your program will include an online reporting solution that will give you a high-level overview of performance, in total and by regions, down to specific office locations. Individual Audit reports are available online and can also be emailed to stakeholders when the audit is complete.

  • We are already conducting internal audits. How can you help us track office-level compliance?

    Allow assigned employees to self-audit office areas with our curated questionnaire. Gain access to our custom portal to track and measure compliance.