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People Counters & People Counting Software

People counters are the foundation of our retail technology suite and are key to optimizing store performance. More than simply tracking the number of people who walk through the door, the data these solutions capture supports effective decision-making at a strategic and operational level – underpinning everything from staff scheduling to trend analysis and retail occupancy levels.

Complete store traffic solutions

Using cutting-edge people counting sensors and software, you can identify busy periods then deploy staff in the right places at the right time, and see how popular a display or product range is.

With real-time traffic data and analytics, you can also see whether the layout and marketing activities are effective by understanding dwell time, engagement and conversions. Our people counting sensors guarantee at least 95% accuracy, allowing you to track traffic on an hour-by-hour basis to uncover current buying behavior and forecast trends.

Expert-led approach

As retail specialists, we work with you to find the right system for your store environment, depending on the look and feel and number of windows and doors. We provide answers to the questions you are asking, with comprehensive solutions tailored to meet your objectives.

Systems that reveal the real story

It is easy to make assumptions about shopper behavior – but without firm evidence, including how this changes over time, you risk pouring your resources in the wrong place. Data-driven insights help you uncover where the engagement and sales opportunities lie.

Unrivalled data

By tracking every store visit, our wireless people counting systems provide a comprehensive picture of your hourly, daily and weekly traffic. These metrics, combined with independent analytics of wider trends and results, offer the custom insights you need to define, and provide evidence for, future plans.

The tools to power your business

With experience in the retail, leisure and entertainment sectors, we deliver the tools and expertise you need to make better operational and strategic decisions.

Analysis and technology

Combines cutting-edge technology with expert data analysis

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Access to live and historical data, so managers can make operational decisions on-the-go

50+ global locations

A global business that understands local markets


Deep understanding of traffic data and sector trends

Our People Counting Services at a glance

How we help clients

Ipsos Retail Performance made its name in the retail sector and is proud to work with some of the world’s best-known brands today. Our innovative solutions empower store and head office teams to make operational and strategic decisions using the latest people counting technology and expert insight.

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  • Why is your 95% better than the competitor’s accuracy of 98%?

    Manufacturers give a 98% accuracy guarantee but these are based on a lab environment NOT in a live environment. A live environment has factors such as lighting, flow, dwell, loitering, all of which are out of a manufacturers control. Our audit / validation takes these factors into account and continue to do so for the lifetime of the solution.

  • Do you have a rate card for your people counting solution?

    We have a price configurator, which we use to create the price for your proposal. There are variables our experts need to consider when we choose the right technology for each client, these include the door widths, ceiling heights, requirement to link cameras and general external factors: lighting, heating, store layout etc. Get in touch today for a quote: +1 866 403 8488

  • Does your sensor count staff?

    We use several different technologies that exclude staff from the count number. More information can be found on our staff exclusion page or call us to find out more: +1 866 403 8488

  • Does your count include children?

    Our sensors have the capabilities of counting adults only or adults and children.

  • Do your sensors count groups or individuals?

    The sensor has the capability to count groups or individuals depending on client requirements.

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