Kiosk People Counters

Monitor people traffic at shopping mall pop-ups and customer service desks

Our solutions help you distinguish potential customers from others walking past.

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Beyond traditional store formats

In a busy mall or department store, monitoring visits to a customer service counter, retail concession or kiosk is an ongoing challenge. Retailers need to know how many people stop to engage with the stand, including products and staff, versus the number who pass by.

Our cameras measure people traffic around the entire stand, no matter what size or shape it is. Made-to-measure, the kiosk counting solution is easily adapted to different environments and can be transported with the kiosk if it is moved. As well as retail, our solutions can also be used at customer service desks in airports and train stations, hotels and entertainment venues.

Work with a world leader in traffic counting & analytics

See why retailers, along with transport and leisure operators, use our solutions to deliver the quality data they need to inform their operational and strategic decisions.


More than 95% accuracy guaranteed


24/7/365 dedicated data validation team


Access to live and historical data to make operational decisions on-the-go


Maximize conversions to increase profitability


  • What are the benefits of people traffic counting at kiosks?

    It will help you to distinguish potential customers from others walking past. It will let you determine how successful your kiosk is at driving customer visits, sales and engagement.

  • Can the kiosk be any shape or size?

    No matter what size or shape it is, made-to-measure and bespoke solutions are available.

  • Can your kiosk counting count groups and individuals?

    Yes, the sensor can count groups and individuals.

  • Will the sensors count the visitor more than once as they move around the kiosk?

    There are sensors placed on the periphery of the kiosk, which will detect a person’s presence. As the visitor moves around the kiosk the sensor will only count them once.

  • How quick can I get the count data?

    The data is transmitted to us overnight and ready on the portal the following morning.

    Near real time data reporting is also available.

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