Retail Occupancy Counters

Measure and manage capacity levels for excellent customer service

Managing retail occupancy at a flagship store, shopping mall or other large public space is an ongoing challenge, especially at peak periods like Christmas, or when an event is being held.

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Stay one step ahead and make better decisions with real-time traffic data

Occupancy data empowers center managers, event organizers and on-the-ground teams to make effective decisions when it matters most. Not every new-season fashion preview or pop-up is ticketed and closely monitored – which means teams may not be aware that a space has reached (or exceeded) capacity, potentially putting public safety at risk.

Understanding occupancy levels means maximizing sales opportunities by ensuring customers are fully engaged with their surroundings. With real-time traffic counting data, you can quickly deploy teams, so they deliver high levels of service, even at busy times. Furthermore, occupancy data enables you to monitor the ROI of events and marketing initiatives and provide robust evidence for future plans.

No matter where you are, our SMS and email alerts will keep you and your team up-to-date as occupancy levels change on a 5, 10 or 15 minute basis. With access to live and historical data, the Ipsos Traffic Count app also allows you to make on-the-move operational decisions and immediately see whether you are close to maximum occupancy.

Your partner in measuring occupancy

See why leading retailers, transport and leisure operators trust our solutions to deliver the quality data they need to make better operational and strategic decisions.


Stay informed when capacity levels are breached with SMS or email alerts

Ipsos Traffic Count App

Access to live and historical data, so managers can make operational decisions on-the-go


Use trend reports and insights to increase productivity and maintain customer service


Optimize sales opportunities and ensure staff are on hand during busy periods

What your data should be telling you



  • Why is live occupancy levels so important?

    Understanding occupancy levels is key to maximizing sales opportunities and ensuring customers are fully engaged with their surroundings. With real-time footfall traffic data, you can quickly deploy teams where they are needed most so they deliver high levels of service, even at busy times. Knowing exactly how many people are at your location will help you manage occupancy levels.

  • What will occupancy data help you with?

    – Optimize sales opportunities by making quick and calculated decisions – Maintain customer service levels by distributing staff to meet occupancy levels as they change – Measure ROI and the impact of events or promotions on occupancy levels – Always be informed of changing occupancy levels no matter where you are, with SMS or email alerts – Plan and schedule resources and promotions effectively drawing on historical data

  • What do the insights for occupancy at a location show?

    – How many people are in your location at all times – Plan promotional activity around busy periods – When to deploy staff to areas with high occupancy – When capacity levels are breached with triggered SMS and email alarms – Trend patterns for occupancy in the past hour – Daily trends for better planning

  • How does live occupancy work?

    The data will inform you of the number of people at any point in time. You can also set a threshold to alert you by email.

  • What does occupancy count?

    It captures everyone individually regardless of height, this will include adults and children.

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