Staff Exclusions

Increase traffic counting accuracy by filtering staff from your count

Ideal for stores and public spaces, our industry-leading employee filtering feature allows managers to build a true picture of traffic counting performance.

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Know your customers

Stores selling big ticket items may only welcome a handful of people each day, so foot traffic figures can soon be skewed by the assistants and security staff who work there. Knowing how many people currently visit is the first step in attracting more – especially as they could be high-value customers.

Our employee filtering feature allows managers to capture customer, but not staff, counting data. We have different people counting devices, which tracks people using vision cameras and sensors. The only requirement is that staff wear lanyards, name tag or hidden Bluetooth tags during their shift to distinguish them from customers.

The tool is also invaluable in other public spaces such as small-scale performance venues, as well as larger stores who want to break down their traffic counting figures.

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  • With the staff exclusion technology do the employees have to carry an item on them?

    Depending on the sensor, staff will wear either a lanyard, name tag or a hidden Bluetooth tag.

  • Is it possible to see the staff count split out from customer counts?

    Yes, and it can be reported on separately.

  • Why exclude staff from the count data?

    By filtering staff from your count, it will build a correct picture of traffic data performance and will provide a truer conversion rate.

  • Which locations / types of store would benefit from staff exclusion?

    If you have a location / store which the staff have to frequently enter and exit the store or if security staff is required at your location.

  • How does the staff exclusion technology work?

    Depending on the technology, staff will carry with them a hidden Bluetooth tag, or will wear a lanyard or name tag. When they pass the sensor, it is registered and time stamped from the customer count. Near real time data is also available.

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