QSR Queue Management Systems


Schedule staff according to customer demand to keep waiting times down, improve experiences and increase sales.

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QSR Queueing solutions to help you optimize performance

Our bespoke queue management solutions allow managers to understand time-to-serve, back-of-house activity and trends, so they can improve queuing systems.

Expert-led insights

A combination of industry-leading technology and expert data analysis.

Hospitality sector

Solutions designed to improve experiences, even during busy periods.


See what is driving sales and target poor-performing hours to improve conversions.

Tailored queue solutions for your QSR

Queue management systems for QSRs

Suitable for any environment, our queue management systems help restaurants deliver a fast and fair service. Popular features include apps for customers to place an order without waiting in line and call forward technology that speeds up service by directing them to the next available counter.

Data-led insights

Using our market-leading queue management systems, head office and branch managers can measure performance such as time-to-serve and then take steps to reduce it. The data our systems generate is key to increasing customer satisfaction and maximizing sales opportunities in busy QSR environments.

Better decision-making

By tracking the number of the people in a queue, managers can make fast and effective decisions operational decisions to reduce waiting time and frustration. These usually include opening or closing checkouts and ensuring staff are deployed in the right areas at the right times.

Staff scheduling

Knowing when the restaurant is busy or quiet allows managers to schedule staff, in line with operational demand. Using queuing data, they can plan staff rotas to deliver high standards of customer service and maximize sales. The data also supports head office decisions around recruitment and whether to implement self-service kiosks.

How we help clients

Working across multiple sectors, including aviation, we empower teams to make effective operational and strategic decisions using the latest people counting and queue management technology, combined with our expert analysis.

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Work with a global leader in QSR traffic data and analytics

The retail technology solutions we have developed over the last 30 years are increasingly being harnessed in other public spaces. Whatever the scale of your operations, we capture data with above 95% accuracy to support your strategy.


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