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Respected across the retail industry and wider business world, the Ipsos Retail Traffic Index gives you powerful insights into wider trends, so you can benchmark performance and strengthen strategic planning.

Like any business, you need to understand the wider economic environment in which you operate, including any regional differences. Compiled every month from visits to more than 4,000 non-food retailers, the index helps you understand how your store traffic performance compares to competitors, using sector or regional averages.

Using this data, you’ll be well-placed to capitalize on retail trends and develop timely strategies that promote traffic and sales. This includes everything from large-scale marketing campaigns to in-store merchandising and promotions. You’ll also be able to compare optimize event planning to make the most of traditionally busy periods.

Develop timely plans that encourage traffic

We have built our reputation working with leading brands to deliver data-led solutions that drive effective operational and strategic decisions.


Accurately benchmark external performances with historical profiles


Quantify the contextual impact of campaigns and promotions on store traffic


Measure brand strength and loyalty using store traffic compared to the rest of the market


Capitalise on historical traffic peaks and troughs


  • What comparison sets are available for the RTI?

    High Street, Shopping Centres, Retail Park, Retail Industry Sectors.
    – Representative of sub-sector mix, covering footwear and fashion, health and beauty, variety and general retailers, DIY and home ware, electrical and mobile, stationery and books, jewellery and accessories, and sports and outdoor
    – Representative of store location splits, covering high streets, shopping malls, retail parks, regional shopping centres, designer outlets and transport hubs
    – Representative of retail floor space breakdown across the regions

  • What analysis can be gained for retailers?

    Our analysis allows retailers to design short-term improvement plans and maximize potential conversion rates. By comparing industry trends and patterns with your store, you can encourage your team to get involved and make a dedicated effort to improving strategies and increasing sales.

  • How long have you been tracking retail traffic levels?

    Ipsos Retail Performance has been tracking retail traffic levels since 1998. It is the definitive time-series tracker of national traffic levels, monitoring weekly change in the numbers of shoppers entering non-food retail outlets.

  • What reports are provided?

    Weekly and quarterly reports in a simple headline format, plotting week-on-week, year-on-year progress. Configured to match client reporting periods. Overlay of client traffic index against the RTI, providing quantified comparisons of performance.

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